Chase Masterson says making a movie with so many Trek stars was ‘unbelievably’ fun

Getting all of the Star Trek family together to make a spoof science fiction comedy sounds simply unbelievable. But it has happened, and fans everywhere can join in the fun as the movie, Unbelievable!!!!! is finally going to premiere to the world — tomorrow at Noon, Pacific Time. Chase Masterson, known to so many as Leeta from Deep Space Nine stars in the film, and wants everyone to know that the entire Unbelievable!!!!! experience is going to be fun for all.

“It was a lot of fun,” says Masterson of the production of the film. “I have friendships with most of these people for many years and not actually worked with them. Since we see each other at conventions, we know each other very well.”

Masterson worked with Tim Russ and Garrett Wang, who fans know from Star Trek: Voyager, but there were nearly 40 other Trek names who took part in the film, including Nichelle Nichols, Robert Picardo, Linda Park, Anthony Montgomery, Marina Sirtis, Nana Visitor, and Walter Koenig, just to name a few.

Chase Masterson in a scene from Unbelievable!!!!! Courtesy of Archangel Films
Chase Masterson in a scene from Unbelievable!!!!! Courtesy of Archangel Films

“That was actually a selling point of doing the movie for all of us,” says Masterson. “We were all invited back to work together; we were all in this together. And it was fun.”

“Garrett is such a cut-up all the time — he’s very funny,” says Masterson. “Tim tends to be more quiet, but has a dry sense of humor.”

Masterson says that the fun on the set is translated to the screen, and the spoof-style comedy is sure to be a great time. One interesting note is that Masterson did not act alongside Snoop Dogg, whose scenes were filmed later. This is not unlike Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan when William Shatner and Ricardo Montalban did not appear on set together.

“We started working on the film in 2013, for me, and they were probably working on it before that” says Masterson. “I was not working on the film when Snoop Dogg was cast. It all came together one piece at a time.”

The Unbelievable!!!!! story follows four astronauts (Masterson, Russ, Wang, and a marionette named Captain Kirk Stillwood) who travel to the Moon to learn what happened to two astronauts who have not been in contact with Earth. After surviving the Moon Base’s horrors, the team returns to Earth and finds that all humans have been transformed into some sort of plant (by Snoop Dogg).

Masterson says that filming parts of a movie separately and putting it together in chunks is not unusual for independent films. And wrangling 40 stars, plus Snoop Dogg, Michael Madsen, Gilbert Gottfried, and everyone else, was an incredible challenge.

“I’m really happy for [Producers] Angelique Fawcette and Stephen Fawcette for putting together a film with 40 Star Trek actors,” says Masterson. “That is no easy feat.”

“The feeling on set was one of mutual support because we didn’t really know everything about this film as it came together,” says Masterson. “We just thought that we’d embark upon this together to see how it goes.”

Fans can sign up to take part in the live Unbelievable!!!!! virtual red carpet screening, which begins tomorrow, August 1, at Noon (Pacific Time). Viewers will have the option to buy tickets to chat with stars of Unbelievable!!!!! during or after the show.