News emerges on new priority for future Star Trek films

Thanks to a report from Deadline, we now know that the new film chief Emma Watts has set a high priority on getting future Star Trek films on the silver screen. Watts recently took power at Paramount, being named president of their motion picture group in July. She had been at 20th Century Fox before coming over to Paramount.

Fans have known for some time that creator of TV’s Fargo, Noah Hawley, has been working on a version of Trek which would feature a new cast — not J.J. Abrams’ “Kelvin” actors. Rumors also have been swirling that the plot for Quentin Tarantino’s possible Trek treatment would involve bringing the Season 2 “A Piece of the Action” to cinemas. Deadline reported also that Mark L. Smith wrote a script for this version.

Many fans have expressed dislike to Tarantino getting involved with the franchise, noting that most of his movies involve incredible amounts of violence and gore. Reports indicated that if Tarantino made his version of Trek, then it would be R-rated, which would have been a first for the series.

We, at Trek Report, agree with the fans on that. Tarantino, while a gifted filmmaker, would take Trek to places that most of us would not like to see. And, quite frankly, The Original Series episode, “A Piece of the Action,” which they’re proposing to remake, is a terrible choice for a feature, and would likely bomb at the box office.

While the original idea for a “Star Trek 4” from Paramount and Abrams was to bring back Chris Pine as Kirk, and pair him with Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk — as seen in Star Trek (2009). Contract negotiations broke down due to the exorbitant salary requirements for Pine, Hemsworth, and the rest of the Kelvin cast. Hemsworth is now an A-lister, having starred in the Marvel films as the Mighty Thor.

A great fan idea

Recently, a friend of Trek Report floated an idea, which we think would make an excellent entry into the series, and would unite two ends of the Star Trek Universe once again — CBS and Paramount. Here’s Trek Lad’s idea:

WOW! How simple, yet incredible! Since the CBS and Paramount companies are now under the Viacom roof again, this idea, to get the Discovery onto the Kelvin timeline is brilliant! After all, the Discovery is now 930 years into he future, and must get home somehow. We all think they will, since CBS has already agreed that there will be a Section 31 show, starring Michelle Yeoh (whose Emperor Georgiou went with the ship into the future).

It would be fantastic to see the Discovery along side the crew of the (Kelvin) Enterprise. This also would align with the report from a few months back, which mentioned a possible Discovery film in the works.

With so manny great ideas out there for a new series of Trek films, one would hope that Ms. Watts will choose a good one, rather than a rehash of a so-so episode from The Original Series.