Perhaps it is a good day to see Captain Worf on Lower Decks

Worf on Lower Decks
Worf on Lower Decks

It is a bit of an understatement to say that Star Trek: Lower Decks has not been an incredibly fun ride, and we still have a ways to go. From all the Easter Eggs and references to all eras of Trek, Lower Decks satisfies that itch for a funny show that we never knew we needed. But… could something big be under wraps? Could we see the iconic Mr. Worf on Lower Decks later this season?

It’s well documented that the man who brought everyone’s favorite Klingon to life, actor Michael Dorn, would like to get another shot at Worf. For years, Dorn campaigned to get CBS or Paramount to give Worf his own Starfleet vessel, and thereby, his own show. Since 2012, Dorn’s campaign has been supported by fans world-wide, who’d obviously want to watch a Star Trek show with a Klingon as captain.

In 2015, Dorn even said that he was going to make “million muffins” in order to get the Worf show off the ground:

Unfortunately, Star Trek: The Worf Chronicles never happened, though Worf’s captain got his own show — Picard. This gave many hope that Dorn would return to the character.

CBS dashed all hopes when the “autograph” rumor thing happened, but Trek Czar Alex Kurtzman left the door open.

“It’s totally possible,” Kurtzman said of bringing back Worf on Picard. “I think Worf is such an amazing character.”

PLUS — in the comic book series Star Trek: Countdown, Worf got promoted to captain when Picard rose to the admiralty. These comics are considered canon, by the way. This put Worf in the captain’s chair aboard the Enterprise-E.

Now as fans are sinking their teeth into Lower Decks, we must remember that Lower Decks creator Mike McMahan said that there would be “legacy characters” appearing on his show, which is set in the era after Star Trek: Nemesis.

We’ve not seen any “legacy characters,” thus far, thanks to a New York Comic Con panel discussion featuring McMahan and others who work on the show, we learned what a huge Next Generation fan McMahan is. We also caught a few hints of what fans can expect.

“I really like the first half of the season,” said McMahan, “but the second half is wild. As the season progresses, you’ll see us doing our covers of the greatest hits… in a certain way.”

McMahan mentioned that there would be a trial episode, which would compare to the classic TNG show “Measure of a Man.” But who can talk about great TNG without talking about the Son of Mogh and his story arch through the seven seasons of the show.

AND… Mariner mentioned “my man Worf” in one of the episodes. This implies that she may know Worf! She has had missions with Klingons, as seen in the episode “Envoys.”

We at Trek Report, predict, that since there have been no legacy characters, all the recent hints, and the campaign by Dorn, we’ll see Captain Worf return to the screen on Lower Decks.

Star Trek: Lower Decks streams on CBS All Access in the United States.