REVIEW: Michael Dorn shines in sci-fi/action film, Agent Revelation

Agent Revelation Review
Michael Dorn in Agent Revelation

Filmmaker Derek Ting delivers a science fiction story and a unique race of aliens unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. His new film, Agent Revelation, mixes martial arts with incredible effects, and features the talents of Michael Dorn in a mysterious leading role.

Ting’s Agent Revelation is a sequel to an earlier work, but don’t worry, you can watch this without going back to see the film Agent Intelligence. (You can watch Agent Intelligence on here).

Agent Revelation Review
Michael Dorn and Derek Ting together in a pivotal scene from Agent Revelation. Courtesy of Random Art Workshop LLC

The story centers on a team of agents who are working at a secret compound, which is funded by the ultra-wealthy Alastair (Dorn). A series of robotic challenges against between the agents brings the groups together to solve the mystery of how this compound is powered and funded, and why Jim Yung (Ting) has extraordinary powers.

Dorn’s character appears mid-way through, and proves to be a mentor to Jim and helps shed some light on what is really going on.

The story moves quickly and is full of surprises. I will say — without giving too much away — that I especially enjoyed the aliens who play a pivotal role in the film’s conclusion. And Ting’s interaction with Dorn are much like how Picard mentored young Elnor in last year’s Star Trek: Picard.

The film has top-notch special effects, and is filmed and edited at a high level of quality. Some of what happens in the film made me pause and wonder “what exactly was the budget on this picture?” Ting and his company, Random Art Workshop LLC, operate in both the United States and in Hong Kong, and are considered “independent.” You’d never know that after watching Agent Revelation.

In fact, I paused the film to make sure that Ting hadn’t cast Harry Potter’s Emma Watson in the role of Dr. Jansen. It’s not Watson. The role of Dr. Jansen is portrayed by Belgian actress Carole Weyers — but I did a triple-take when I saw (and heard) her on screen.

Agent Revelation Review
Ting with Kayla Ewell and Matthew R. Burnett. Courtesy of Random Art Workshop LLC

What really stood out was Dorn, who all remember as the lovable Mr. Worf on both The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. His gravitas and command of the screen are just as potent outside of the Klingon makeup, which he made so famous. In a way, Dorn is the glue that binds Agent Revelation together. As Ting’s character struggles with his own demons, Alastair provides a calming hand of guidance to the facility of agents and researchers.

As Alastair, Trek fans will appreciate that Dorn is supremely talented, as he is able to slip into the role of both an Elon Musk and Yoda. he’s both secretly funding and guiding, while pushing the team toward solving something.

I can say that Trek fans should try to catch Agent Revelation. I enjoyed the story, the action, effects, Ting’s character and his journey, and getting to see a fan-favorite (Dorn) flex his acting chops in a way that he never could on Star Trek.

Agent Revelation is available for stream or download and on iTunes. Check out additional reviews of the film.