Star Trek should make a movie in space — not Tom Cruise

International superstar Tom Cruise is making a movie in space. Or at least part of a movie. Maybe. It’s been something that he’s been talking about for years, and now Axiom is partnering with Cruise and NASA to get the “Top Gun” actor a spot into Earth orbit.

While he’s made some decent flicks in the past — War of the Worlds and Minority Report are among the best — it seems that he lacks a certain gravitas which would make this “movie in space” idea work.

Cruise is at his very best when he’s running from the bad guys (as seen in this clip from “The Firm”). There will be no where for him to run on the International Space Station (ISS). If he tries, then that would look ridiculous. And who is he going to run from up there? Muppets?

Thanks to years of research, the staff at Trek Report has a few suggestions which could save this project from becoming a disaster, like the Cruise film “Lions for Lambs.”

We think that if anyone should go into space, it should be a character from the greatest science fiction franchise in the galaxy — Star Trek. Here’s the idea:

  1. Paramount signs Chris Pine to a new 2-picture deal. Give him the Marvel money he wants, guys. Let’s get him back in the gold.
  2. Get all the Kelvin guys back together. Even Simon Pegg.
  3. A new script is developed which strongly resembles The Original Series episode “Assignment: Earth,” where mysterious forces conspire to stop the launch of a NASA rocket. The script would be updated from the 1960s to the mid-2020s Earth.
  4. The Enterprise finds itself sucked into a time vortex, which Spock determines will happen again in 48 hours, and that will be their last, and only chance to return to the 23rd Century — the Kelvin crew does not know about the slingshot effect.
  5. The crew realizes that the Andorians created the vortex so they can create havoc in Earth’s fledging space program. The Andorians want to change the past so that humans never form and join the Federation. This lack of humans would allow the Andorians to be very, very bad.
  6. Kirk (played by Chris Pine) must board a Space-X rocket bound for the ISS to find the secret Andorian tech hidden on the station — BOOM! That’s when the space filming takes place.

The rest of the film kind of writes itself with an Elon Musk cameo, Sulu (John Cho) meeting his great, great, grandfather (George Takei), Bones and Spock figure out how to the get the whales in the Enterprise, and we all have a happy ending. Paramount gets gets the massive box office bonanza, and Playmates starts a new line of Trek toys. Everyone wins!

Do you agree? Should Tom Cruise or Chris Pine be in the first movie filmed in space? Comment your thoughts below!