PREDICTION: The Android Planet will be full of Datas

This article assumes that you’ve been watching Star Trek: Picard, at least up until Episode 8. If you have not, please turn around now. There are spoilers ahead! Don’t make me sic an android on you!


After watching Picard’s eighth episode, Broken Pieces, Rios met the android Soji, and was stunned, because he met someone who looked, spoke, and acted exactly like Soji did. He was so bothered by this, that he went to his quarters and refused to come out — even for his old pal Raffi.

It occurred to me, that if we can have more than one Soji (which now we have had at least three female androids that are identical — Soji, Dahj, and Jana), then perhaps cybernetics expert Bruce Maddox and his android race would have made other ‘duplicates.’

It makes sense that creating an android and all of its complicated parts must be tedious. To create a face and voice and all of that which is unique would be extremely time consuming. Not even Data’s creator, the great Dr. Noonian Soong, created a series of androids that all looked just himself. Lore, and B4 looked identical and had the same voices and mannerisms as well.

Wouldn’t it then make sense that Maddox would follow Dr. Soong’s lead, and create a new race, but just a few models? It would be sort of like the TNG episode, Up the Long Ladder, where the Enterprise encountered a race of humanoids who turned to cloning in order to survive. There were only five models, and they were all copies.

My other piece of “evidence” are all of those press photos (like this one):

Why is Spiner in these photos?
Why is Spiner in these photos?

Why would the Trek producers have Brent Spiner in all of these press photo shoots if he was only going to be in one episode? It doesn’t make any sense. Jeri Ryan (not pictured) appeared in more episodes than Spiner, as did Jonathan Del Arco (pictured).

Just a hunch, but I think Spiner was in these photos and part of all the interviews (including this one) because he has a larger part to play in the series.

We, at Trek Report, therefore, predict that when Picard lands on the android homeworld for the final episode, after all the smoke clears and dust settles, Picard will meet an android (played by Brent Spiner), who will say “Hello Captain.”

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