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Everything began in 1966 with the debut of the original Star Trek television series. This was a gift to the world by writer and producer Gene Roddenberry, who with his cast of talented creative minds like Gene Coon, D.C. Fontana, and others, would see that television history would be changed forever.

Though The Original Series lasted just a few years, when the shows entered the world of television re-runs, they earned new a new life and a new following. Trek got a few more stories in the 70s (22 to be exact), and one film, and finally returned to TV screens in 1987 with The Next Generation. TNG was syndicated and did not have to live up to the pressures of network television, as TOS did.

The success of the missions of the new Enterprise spawned two more shows — Deep Space Nine in 1993 and Voyager in 1999. Both of these series lasted seven seasons (as did TNG). When Voyager left the airwaves, a new series, set before Kirk’s time debuted on the UPN.

Star Trek: Enterprise started airing in 2001 and lasted just four seasons. Some say franchise fatigue had set in, and it might be the end of Star Trek, but thanks to a new series of blockbuster-type movies, it was clear that the public still had an appetite for boldly going.

In 2017, CBS All Access launched a new Trek, one that was different in tone than any before it. Star Trek:Discovery was the first Trek series to air only on an online network, rather than on cable or terrestrial airwaves. Though CBS does not break out ratings numbers for their shows, Discovery must be getting them eyeballs, as Star Trek: Picard followed soon after (in 2020).

We got to see all sorts of new Trek stories with the Short Treks series as well, which gave fans different episodes from different times in Star Trek history. The future is bright for the franchise, as there are two Trek series in development — Strange New Worlds and Section 31.

SeriesSeasonsAir Dates
Star Trek31966-1969
Star Trek: Phase II  
Star Trek: The Next Generation71987-1994
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine71993-1999
Star Trek: Voyager71999-2001
Star Trek: Enterprise42001-2005
Star Trek: Discovery32017-
Star Trek: Short Treks22018-
Star Trek: Picard12020-
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds **2021-
Star Trek: Section 31 **2021-

* Currently in development