We at Trek Report to recognize some of our fellow fans and content creators on the web with a page dedicated to them. Check out the crew at their sites when you have a second!

Too Young For This Trek

Join Tyler and friends as he talks about movies and TV shows that he should have seen but hasn’t on the podcast — TOO YOUNG FOR THIS TREK. Season 3 is ALL ABOUT STAR TREK, specifically Star Trek: Picard, as we are doing a recap of the new show. Note Tyler has nearly zero previous exposure to Stark Trek. Subscribe for the weekly recap and then stay subscribed for more movie talk later this year.

Conundrum Comics

Conundrum Comics is back after nearly 20 years since its last publication. The company has been reformed and will launching Kickstarter campaigns in order to generate revenue to fund new titles. In the first campaign, Conundrum will be offering vintage comics as well as a guide to Conundrum Comics and its characters.

Ex Astris Scientia

Ex Astris Scientia is an unofficial, privately owned and strictly non-commercial website dedicated to the Star Trek science fiction franchise. It was created and is maintained by Bernd Schneider, an IC design engineer and long-time Star Trek fan based in Germany.

StarPodLog & StarPodTrek podcasts

We highly recommend you subscribe to the StarPodLog & StarPodTrek podcasts, where hosts Nayr and Kavura discuss all things Trek — books, toys, comics, science, conventions, and more! Heck, there’s even a show dedicated to the Elvis / Star Trek connection! Check them out!

Making Fake Star Trek

The book Making Fake Star Trek features the story of the making of a fan film with the real Walter Koenig. Making Fake Star Trek, and its sequel, Making More Fake Star Trek are now available for order (paperback / Kindle). Written by Andy Bray and John Lim.


Visit the site of our friends at TrekSphere, which is home For all things Star Trek. The site is for the fans and TrekSphere was created by fans! Featuring multimedia, news, and more.