DIS: S3 – E2: Far From Home

In the Star Trek: Discovery episode "Far From Home" we learn what happened to Saru, Tilly, and the U.S.S. Discovery

Creating Star Trekscii: A retro computer art project of galactic proportions

You may have seen this retro art on a futuristic subject. The "Star Trekscii" style, which makes Trek characters and ships with tech was state-of-the-art 30+ years ago.

The Force on Star Trek? Nope. Book is more Aquaman than Jedi

Some are saying that Trek introduced their version of “The Force.” We think that Book will be more Aquaman than Jedi.

DIS: S3 – E1: That Hope Is You, Part 1

When we saw the title of this episode, “That Hope Is You, Part 1,” the first thought was that we’d learn what happened to Michael Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery...

Did “Lower Decks” just have the best first season of any Star Trek series?

Perhaps, it should be asked — did “Lower Decks” just have the best first season of any Star Trek series?

The subtile way “That Hope Is You” was different from all other episodes

There is something different about “That Hope Is You,” which debuted on Thursday, which is unlike any Trek episode ever.

LDS: S1 – E10: No Small Parts

"No Small Parts" is an amazing ending to a brilliant first season. Can the Lower Deckers survive the challenge of the Packleds?

LDS: S1 – E9: Crisis Point

For the Star Trek: Lower Decks' episode, Crisis Point, we may have the finest of the series. This one is so good, that it ought to be made into a film.

Watch the first two minutes of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3

Watch the very first two minutes of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 — all of which will debut on October 15 on CB All Access

Armin Shimerman talks about teaching, writing, and Star Trek

Armin Shimerman, best known to all as Quark from Deep Space Nine, has an exciting new book coming out — Illyria: Betrayal of Angels — which is full of mystery and magic.

Trek the Vote to organize Trekkies for election work this November

“Trek the Vote is a non-partisan election integrity volunteer drive,” says Tae Phoenix, the founder of Trek the Vote.

LDS: S1 – E8: Veritas

We learn how little the Lower Decks crew know about what goes on with various missions. Veritas … gets to the very truth for everyone.