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Notes, news and nuance from the Star Trek Universe and beyond.


It seems like there is a ton happening for fans of Star Trek these days. With 4-5 live-action shows in production, two animated productions, and possible movies coming up, there may never have been a better time to be a fan of Star Trek.

As we can guarantee complete coverage of every Trek headline (we recommend our friends at Daily Star Trek News for that task), we will bring you interviews and behind-the-scenes stories that you won’t find anywhere else. We talk to the actors, writers, artists, and crew who make up the franchise beloved by so many.

And let’s not leave out the most important group. Without these people, there would be no Star Trek. It’s the fans! There are so many people connecting with the shows, films, and other stories in interesting ways — we’re so happy to meet them, and to bring you their stories. If you have a story to share, please e-mail us.


JD and Spock

Exploring the world of Star Trek food with J.D. Keeling, and ‘The Captain’s Table’

There must be thousands of foods — not even counting the replicated stuff — mentioned on Star Trek that we 21st Century humans will never get to sample. Star Trek food was off limits.

Star Trek: The Mirror War

David and Scott Tipton on their new series — “Star Trek: The Mirror War”

As far as Trek comics go, there are no better stories available than the ones told by writers David and Scott Tipton.

Star Trek Kelvin Films on 4K

An update on the status of Star Trek 4K

We interviewed industry insider Bill Hunt to find out the status on the Star Trek films and when we can see them in 4K.

1982: The Greatest Geek Year Ever

Join Mark A. Altman as he kickstarts a film on the greatest year for movies — 1982

Join Mark A. Altman’s “1982: The Greatest Geek Year Ever” — which will celebrate the year that gave us Wrath of Khan, E.T. and so many more.

Arena Gorn Superstar

“Arena Gorn Superstar” aims to beam fans back to Oregon theater

It’s an impressive and thoughtful interpretation of Star Trek’s Arena — check out “Arena Gorn Superstar” at Umpqua Community College.

Uhura and the Sistas

Shooting for the stars with Subrina Wood of the ‘SyFy Sistas’ podcast

Meet Subrina Wood, who along with the show’s cast are bringing a new point of view to Star Trek shows with the “SyFy Sistas.”

The Borg and Delta Quadrant: Akritirian To Krenim

REVIEWED: Get assimilated with ‘The Borg and the Delta Quadrant’

This new book — The Borg and the Delta Quadrant fills in the blanks for readers who want to know more about the spaceships they’ve seen on The Next Generation, Voyager, and some of the Trek films.

Dino Ignacio

He’s creating the cutting edge: Meet Star Trek super-fan Dino Ignacio

Meet super Star Trek fan, Dino Ignacio, who is a Man of the 21st Century, meaning that he knows a whole lot what’s cutting edge now, and is involved in many different projects.

Tara Rosling

EXCLUSIVE: Actress Tara Rosling on T’Rina, Vulcans, and Discovery’s Season 4

Canadian actress Tara Rosling brought depth to the role of Ni’var president T’Rina on Star Trek: Discovery. We sat down for an exclusive interview with her.

Gates McFadden

EXCLUSIVE: Gates McFadden on her new podcast and a return for Dr. Crusher

Beginning on May 12, Gates McFadden will kick off a new chapter in her professional life as she launches her podcast — “InvestiGATES.”