Short Treks

While Star Trek: Discovery started in 2017, the creators of the new CBS All Access platform needed something else to fill the gaps in between ST:D seasons. So, before the announcement of Picard (and all of the other series that will follow), fans got Star Trek “Short Treks,” a series of mini-episodes set in the time of Discovery. Sometimes these stories tied into a current Discovery theme, and later, they would not.
Season 1Season 2
No.Episode TitleAir Date
1RunawayOct. 4, 2018
2CalypsoNov. 8, 2018
3The Brightest StarDec. 6, 2018
4The Escape ArtistJan. 3, 2019

No.Episode TitleAir Date
1Q&AOct. 5, 2019
2The Trouble With EdwardOct. 10, 2019
3Ask NotNov. 14, 2019
4Ephram and DotDec. 12, 2019
5The Girl Who Made The StarsDec. 12, 2019
6Children of MarsFeb. 21, 2019