Janeway and Chakotay: Together at long last on Star Trek: Prodigy

Janeway and Chakotay: Together at last on Star Trek: Prodigy
Janeway and Chakotay: Together at last on Star Trek: Prodigy

Ever since the end of Star Trek: Voyager in 2001, a certain section of Trek fans have been hoping and praying that we’d see something more. So far, fans only know what happened with Seven of Nine after Voyager’s story ended — thanks to her role on Star Trek: Picard. Then the news from last October, when fans learned that Captain Janeway would be a part of the new show, Star Trek: Prodigy.

This was great news! Finally, fans of Captain Kate would get to learn what happened to her after she got back to Earth (aside from being promoted to admiral and appearing briefly in Star Trek: Nemesis).

But, the news was tempered somewhat we fans learned that Janeway would be an emergency hologram of some kind. It would not be Captain Kathryn Janeway as we were used to seeing her, but rather, a pop-up captain, who will give advice to this new rag-tag crew. In a way, Kate Mulgrew would be playing a similar role to what Robert Picardo played for so long — an EH (emergency hologram).

Now, just last week at the Star Trek: Las Vegas convention, actor Robert Beltran let slip a delicious bit of news that must have made the decade for so many fans. His character, Chakotay, would also be returning to Star Trek. Chakotay would be joining Janeway as an animated character on Star Trek: Prodigy.

For those who are not aware, there is a vast network of Voyager fans who wish that the “monkey” never showed up. This is a reference to the classic Voyager episode, “Resolutions.” The story centers around Janeway and Chakotay who are left on an empty planet to fend for themselves. Things start to get romantic between the characters, when suddenly Tuvok appears with a cure for the “incurable” virus. Janeway and Chakotay return to the ship, and continue on their trip back to the Alpha Quadrant.

Now, thanks to Beltran’s announcement, we know that they will be back together once again. But how will this work? Will they actually be a couple, or will Chakotay also be a hologram? Will they get to act out the ‘love’ which so many fans thing they should have seen, or will he be just someone the Prodigy crew bumps into along the way?

Fans of “JC,” which stands for the romantic union of Janeway and Chakotay certainly would like to see a little bit of “happily ever after” versus a cold, computerized and sterile interaction.


While Mulgrew jokingly admitted a while back that the ‘real’ reason Janeway and Chakotay did not get together was … if they kissed once, they’d never stop… the real reason was because Mulgrew asked that this not happen.

Mulgrew didn’t want her character, who was supposed to be taken seriously as the captain, to be seen fraternizing with her first officer. While that was true back in the 1990s, it stands to reason that Mulgrew may have changed her mind since then. Especially if Chakotay is no longer her inferior officer.

Or, Chakotay and Janeway’s relationship could be in the form of flashbacks. They might not even be alive when the Prodigy story takes place. The possibilities are endless.

Fans will find out exactly what the relationship will be between Janeway and Chakotay on October 21, 2021, when Star Trek: Prodigy begins streaming on Paramount+.

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