LDS: S1 – E3: Temporal Edict

Temporal Edict
Temporal Edict

If the name “Temporal Edict” gives you an indication that this episode will be about time, you’re right. But, don’t expect this one to put the crew of the U.S.S. Cerritos in the future, past, or a wormhole somewhere. Remember, this is Lower Decks, where things don’t take place on a galactic scale.

STARDATE: 57501.4

We join the crew in the bar as Boimler is showing off his violin and Irish dancing skills at the same time. It’s talent night on the Cerritos. Soon, Mariner and Tendi come through and kick him off the stage, and play some kind of heavy metal/punk-infused rock, which had so much bass that the Klingons could hear it too. The Cerritos and a Klingon ship were meeting up for some reason.

“What is the meaning of this intense bass?” the Klingon asked on screen. Captain Freeman acted like she could not hear it.

NOTE: This is extra funny because everyone knows, sound cannot travel in the vacuum of space. So the fact that Mariner’s music is so loud that it overcomes this law of physics… must mean that it’s incredibly loud.

The Cerritos and the Klingon ship face each other. Courtesy of CBS
The Cerritos and the Klingon ship face each other. Courtesy of CBS

Freeman orders Shax down to the bar to end the noise. As he walks in, Mariner and Tendi leave the stage, and Boimler starts his new violin song, “Requiem for a Hug.” Shaxs screamed at him, saying that he was too loud. He smashed the violin over his knee, and Boimler apologized.

So much funny!

We learn that the Cerritos is en route to Cardassia Prime, where Captain Freeman will be brokering a big peace summit. But, Starfleet changed the location to Vulcan because “nobody wants to go to Cardassia Prime.”

NOTE: Hey! I do! I wanted to see a Lower Decks take on the Cardassian homeworld! Oh well…

Instead, Freeman was ordered to go to Galrak 5, to endow them with “diplomatic trinkets,” according to the admiral.

Ransom said that they just switched locations for the summit, and it was not a slight against the Cerritos. Freeman said that it was, and threw her PADD at the bridge screen. She said that they got to respect and that the Cerritos was a joke.

“Well, then we’re the funniest joke in all of Starfleet,” said Ransom.

“Shut up, Jack,” the captain grumbled.

Meanwhile, in the Brig, Mariner tested a force field in front of a cell with a live phaser. She shot it at Boimler as Rutherford tried the field strength integrity. Once they finished the test, Mariner ordered margaritas from the replicator for the four of them.

Tendi asked if they were supposed to work on a new task, rather than slack off and drink.

“Don’t sweat it, baby girl,” said Mariner. “Like many things, commanders have no idea how long it take to balance a phase variance.”

Mariner, Tendi, and Rutherford enjoying some “buffer time.” Courtesy of CBS
Mariner, Tendi, and Rutherford enjoying some “buffer time.” Courtesy of CBS

Rutherford explained that they never told the people in charge exactly how long specific tasks take; otherwise, their days would be “packed.”

NOTE: This is precisely like what Scotty told Geordi in the classic TNG episode “Relics.”

“You want a little advice?” Scotty said to La Forge. “Starship captains are like children. They want everything right now, and they want it their way. But the secret is to give them to give them what they need and not want they want.”

“Yeah, well, I told the captain that I’d have this analysis done in an hour,” said Geordi.

“How long would it really take?” Scotty asked.

“An hour!” Geordi said.

“Aw, you didn’t tell him how long it would really take, did ya?” Scotty asked. “Oh laddy, you’ve got a lot to learn if you want people to think of you as a miracle worker!”

So them adding this little tidbit was fantastic — a very fun tie-in to both The Original Series and The Next Generation.

Back to Lower Decks. Mariner explained it all as “buffer time.” Boimler said that if it were up to him, they’d never take breaks. But since it was a Lower Decks tradition, he went along with it.

“No, biggie,” she said. Just then, Dr. T’Ana contacted Tendi on her PADD and told Tendi that she needed to fix a biobed. Tendi said it would take five … hours. T’Ana said that was great.

“Aw Tendi, look at us! Breaching protocol together,” said Mariner, as she proposed a toast to the four.

Later, Freeman roamed the halls (with a Jaws-like theme playing) yelling at crew who were not hustling. She got onto a turbo lift with Boimler, who mentioned that he skipped “buffer time” to complete more tasks.

She got in his face.

“What is buffer time?” she said with a glare.

Boimler went back to the sleeping area, and the messages began to pour in on all screens and PADDs. Buffer time was now done, and there was a time attached to everything.

“Failure to meet quotas will not be tolerated,” read Rutherford. “Ah! This is bad!”

The four agreed that it must have been ‘Delta Shift.’ They all decided that they didn’t really need buffer time.


The scene onboard the Cerritos was chaos. The tired crew ran from task to task with no stopping. Everyone was tired, and they were all yelling at each other, except Boimler.

In his personal logic, he noted that he’d completed all his tasks and asked for more.

“Space… the funnest frontier?” he asked himself.

In the shuttle bay, Ransom was prepping to leave for an away mission to Galrak 5. He lectured the crew who were loading up his shuttle, saying that an away mission is routine — until it isn’t.

“Horned gorillas, sentient tar, spores that make you hook up with your best friend’s sister,” said Ransom, who said he’d experienced all of these situations on away missions.

Ransom and Mariner verbally sparred a bit. Ransom pulled rank on her by saying that she needed to pull down her sleeves.

“This isn’t a barn,” said Ransom. All she could do was seethe.

As they descended in the shuttlecraft, Ransom explained that the Galrakians’ entire culture is based around crystals. They needed to display the “honor crystal” to the Galrakians to show that they mean no harm. Ransom decided that he needed to show off a bit and pilot the shuttle down to the planet’s surface manually, which caused Mariner to mumble that they should have just “beamed down.”

The meeting space on Galrak. Courtesy of CBS
The meeting space on Galrak. Courtesy of CBS

They arrived and landed in a clearing, which was surrounded by giant crystals. When the party was greeted by the Galrakians, Ensign Bendo presented the Galrakians not with the honor crystal, but a fertility totem meant for Mavock Prime. A wooden log. Oops!

That was a big cultural no-no since the wood was considered an insult to the Galrakians. That wood is sacred to their sworn enemies. The Galrakians immediately attack, and the away team retreated to the safety of the shuttlecraft. Mariner said that they ought to “stun them” and escape on the Yosemite. Ransom said that was not going to work, since the Galrakians had just been signed into the Federation.

“This calls for some classic Jack Ransom peace brokering!” Ransom said as he ran toward the spears. The Galrakians threw the wooden log at him, followed by an electrified net.

The Galrakians then surrounded Mariner, who surrendered.

“Ah circled by spears,” she said. “This is classic. What am I, Kirk? Is this the 2260s?”


Back aboard the Cerritos, the chaos continued. The crew ran about trying to finish their tasks according to their new timeline. Even the bridge crew was showing signs of fatigue. Lt. Shax reported that Galrakians launched ships, which were on the Cerritos’ starboard bow.

“Are we supposed to be hosting a welcome dinner or something?” Captain Freeman asked. Her helmsmen said the Galrakians were locking phasers. Shax was unable to raise shields, and the Galrakians launched boarding pods. Freeman announced a red alert:

“Repel all intruders but do not use it as an excuse to stop doing what you are doing!” she ordered. “It’s call multi-asking people! They do it on the Enterprise all the time!”

The crew of the Cerritos went about their work, as the Galrakians overtook the corridors.

Tendi and Rutherford watched as the Galrakians ran through the engineering deck.

“You always speak freely,” said Ransom. “Nobody can STOP YOU from speaking freely!”

“Swords and spears… how did these guys get aboard?” Rutherford asked.

We see a giant coliseum on the planet and hear Mariner, who was trying to flirt (sort of) with her cell’s guard. Ransom told her to stop, as she was distracting him from his speech, which he was writing on the cell’s side.

“A speech? Seriously? Permission to speak freely?” Mariner asked.

“You always speak freely,” said Ransom. “Nobody can STOP YOU from speaking freely!”

“You have broad shoulders and shiny hair, and you talk a good game, but when it comes to actually doing the job,” Mariner said, “you don’t have it. I’m calling bullshit on your whole thing here, sir.”

They argued for a bit, and it ended when Ransom began his speech. It ended when the Galrakian leader appeared and said that one of them would answer for Starfleet’s lies in a trial by combat.

“Yes! Now we’re talking!” Mariner said. The Galrakian leader noted that one of them would face their planet’s greatest champion — Vindor. This guy turned out to be a giant hulking version of one of the green-skinned Galrakians.

“If you win, we let you go,” said the leader. “If you lose, then you die, and your away team will be crushed by an adjudication geode!”

The leader tossed a sword into their cell and told Ransom and Mariner that they had one hour to choose who would face Vindor. Ransom and Mariner ran to the sword and began fighting over it.

The chaos aboard the U.S.S. Cerritos. Courtesy of CBS
The chaos aboard the U.S.S. Cerritos. Courtesy of CBS

On the Cerritos, with Galrakians’ graffiti on the ship walls, Boiler went about his duties with a smile, not seeming to notice the chaos all around him. He used his PADD to translate some of the writing, which said, “bark-hugging root-smoochers.” He sighed and used his phaser to start removing some of the graffiti.

Just then, Galrakians surrounded Boimler. He stunned them all.

“These guys are lightweights,” he said. “This is what the red alert is about?” He ran off and appeared on the bridge to report that he just phasered some Galrakians. But Freeman was running from one console to the next, seemingly operating the ship by herself.

Shax tackled him to the floor, then realized that it was just that “huffy ensign.”

Freeman yelled at Mariner, telling him that they would not be in this situation if he hadn’t been slacking. As she spoke, her PADD signaled that she was also 15 minutes behind on a task. Boimler realized that the bridge crew was under the same new time constraints as the lower decks people.

“I have to,” said Freeman. “I’m manning every station own my own!”

Galrakians started to pry open the door to the bridge, demanding the ship’s crystals.

“We don’t have any crystals!” yelled Boimler. “I mean… we do have Dilithium, but we’re not giving you those!”


On the planet, Ransom took the sword from Mariner and tried to tell her that it was his duty as the ranking officer. She said to him that ranks did not matter in this situation.

Ransom gasped. “Rank means everything — always!” he told her.

“Know what, I do get off on breaking protocol,” said Mariner. “I’m good at exploring strange new worlds … solving space mysteries and kicking asses. Protocol is for people who need to be told what to do, which I don’t!”

As she lectured him, she showed off all of her various scars, all of which came from alien worlds (except for Scottsdale, Arizona). She asked to see his scars, and he said he didn’t have any. She said that was because he played it safe. She begged him to let her ave the team.

“We don’t have any crystals!” yelled Boimler. “I mean… we do have Dilithium, but we’re not giving you those!”

“Sometimes you have to do what’s wrong to survive,” said Mariner.

Ransom agreed and used the sword to stab her in the foot.

“I’d rather die than let you put your life on the line!” said Ransom. He told her that he was the first officer of a Starfleet ship and that nobody crushes his team. He then tore his uniform top off and yelled:

“Let’s do this!” as he kicked down the cell door. He walked into the arena and threw down his sword in front of Vindor.

“Come on, big guy!” Ransom yelled. “I only need my hands for this one!”

NOTE: This scene is very reminiscent of Thor: Ragnorok when Thor faced Hulk in the gladiator pit.

Ransom attacked Vindor with the ‘double-fisted’ style of James T. Kirk. Vindsor seemed to be unsure of how to react.

NOTE: The music in this scene was fantastic! I can’t be sure, but it sounded like Lower Decks music guru channeled the score from TOS’s “Arena.” It was so much fun!

“Whoa… that was actually kind of hot,” said Mariner as she watched Ransom beat down Vindor. But she quickly got angry with herself for those thoughts.


Back on the Cerritos, the Galrakians took great pleasure in putting their “crystal graffiti” on the ship’s hull. On the bridge, Shaxs was repeatedly punching the Galrakians, trying to get through the bridge doors.

Boimler giving the captain a pep talk. Courtesy of CBS
Boimler giving the captain a pep talk. Courtesy of CBS

As Freeman started to doubt herself, Boimler gave her a pep-talk, saying that he loved her rules and schedules, but not everyone was a ‘Boimler.’

“The crew has their limits,” said Boimler. “They’re only human… well and Vulcan. And Orion. And there’s that Benzite guy in tactical.”


Boimlet told the captain that she needed to ‘loosen up.’ She agreed and announced that she authorized the crew to break all rules to defend the ship.

“You are Starfleet,” she said. “Do what you have to to take back this ship! Buffer time!”

The crew reacted and immediately began to turn the tide against the attacking Galrakians.

In the arena, Ransom beat back the champion. As he did, he requested a peaceful negotiation to this disagreement and said that he respected the Galrakians’ sovereignty.

Mariner watching the battle from her cell. Courtesy of CBS
Mariner watching the battle from her cell. Courtesy of CBS

As she watched from her cell, Mariner gushed. “Soooo ethical!”

Ransom beat Vindor to the ground, and the giant submitted. The Galrakians freed the away team.

Mariner mocked Ransom, saying that he’d use the sword against her but not Vindor. Ransom did not answer. He swept her off her feet and carried her away.

Whoa… will this Mariner / Ransom hate “thing” turn into something more in future episodes?

The Galrakian leader pouted, saying that he really wanted to use the Geode to kill some people. But these trials by combat events weren’t working. Vindor suggested a real trial with a judge. The leader ignored him and decreed a death race. He ordered Vindor to begin construction of a crystal car.

On the Cerritos, the crew mopped up the last of the Galrakians, who eventually left in their ships. Freeman smiled at Boimler, who smiled back. Aww!

Later, as the crew worked to clean up the mess and the graffiti, Shax went back to the planet’s surface and presented the correct crystal to the Galrakians, who apologized for the invasion attempt. Shax said that it was no big deal, and they laughed about the ‘freaks’ on Mavock Prime.

In sickbay, Dr. T’Ana tended to Mariner’s foot and asked the ensign if she wanted to fix all the scars. Mariner said ‘no way,’ as they were her trophies.

Ransom then asked Mariner for a heads-up before filing her report since stabbing another crew member in the foot would be a court-martial. Mariner said that she would not be filing a report.

“But… I thought you hated me,” Ransom asked.

will this Mariner / Ransom hate “thing” turn into something more in future episodes?

“You talk about yourself a little too much,” she said. “But stabbing me… breaking protocol… that was actually very cool.”

“Sometimes I forget what Starfleet’s all about,” said Mariner. “Today, you reminded me.”

She said that where he stabbed her in the foot would make a good scar.

He leaned in and said, “a great scar.”

WHOA. This really looked like a kiss was about to happen… but he ordered security to take her away because she ignored him when he ordered her to roll down her sleeves.

“The sleeve thing?” she said as she kicked over a medical cart and struggled with security. “You’re an idiot!”

Mariner said that she loved the brig, and that next time, she would let the aliens kill him, and she would dance in his blood.

“OK,” said Ransom. “That was kinda hot.”

Later, in the captain’s ready room, Freeman thanked Boimler for his help through the crisis and presented him with a plaque, which signified a new comprehensive mandate — The Boimler Effect.

“The Boimler Effect is about encouraging shortcuts and preventing people from blindly following the rules,” said Freeman. Boimler looked crushed.

Boimler smiling before he learned what his “effect” meant. Courtesy of CBS
Boimler smiling before he learned what his “effect” meant. Courtesy of CBS

“From now on, the crew can build in buffer time whenever they deem fit,” said Freeman. Boimler tried to get her to change the rule’s definition, but she said it was too late. She showed him an official Starfleet plaque where the Boimler Effect was made official.

NOTE: This plaque looked precisely like the fixtures on starships (as first seen on TNG), designed by Mike Okuda.

In the bunk area, Boimler complained about the new rule. Rutherford told him not to worry since no one would ever remember this one.


We see a class of humanoid students in rows listening to a teacher lecturing about “the Boimler Effect,” and how it was something that people will never forget. She said it was named after the laziest officer in Starfleet history.

NOTE: In this vision of the future, we see humanoids of all species, including a Borg child in the front row. Nice!

The teacher then turned the class’ attention to the “perhaps the most important person in Starfleet history — Chief Miles O’Brien.”

The great Miles O’Brien. Courtesy of CBS
The great Miles O’Brien. Courtesy of CBS



I am really starting to love Lower Decks. These 2D characters have a great deal of depth. And this episode was like the others, packing a lot of Star Trek fun into 25 minutes. The show’s writers make it a point to sneak in a bunch of classic references to the storyline while making sure that it’s not an exercise in fan service — like the final season of Star Trek: Enterprise or the “Trials and Tribble-ations” episode from DS9.

RATING: 4 out of 5



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