Like the Picard trailer, the Discovery teaser trailer riled up the Trek fan base. Sonequa Martin-Green is back as Michael Burnham, and she brought a whole bunch of new friends to the screen with her. This “blink-and-you-miss-it” teaser sets up what looks like a fantastic Discovery Season 3.

When we last saw Michael, she was leading the U.S.S. Discovery through a portal through space-time into the future. This, she hoped, would allow the galaxy to be free from the tyrannical artificial intelligence, Control.

We figured that she would land somewhere, and the crew of the Discovery would reunite with her. All would be hunky-dory, a thousand years in the future. But Michael finds herself buried in a pit of ash — probably created when she crashed landed after passing through the wormhole.

And after a year of searching (in which Michael tries out several different hairdos), she meets a man who tells her the Starfleet emblem is like a ghost. He’s Cleveland “Book” Booker, who is a new addition to the show’s cast, played by David Ajala.

A Man or a...
He appears to be a human male who is keeping the vision of the Federation alive almost 1,000 years after Michael’s time. But is he real, or a projection? Courtesy of CBS

Burnham encounters someone, who may be part of a dream sequence, who tells her that she is the “hope” that can bring back the United Federation of Planets. And then they unfurl that cool flag.

Trek mastermind Alex Kurtzman has confirmed that the crew of Discovery will travel to Trill, which is the homeworld of Dax. Yes, that Dax. Curzon, Jadzia, and even Ezri. Deep Space Nine fans — rejoice!

The Trill. Courtesy of CBS
The Trill. Courtesy of CBS

We see a glimpse of a Trill being in a pool of some kind. Will this new Trill bring back Dax? Will the famous “Old Man” come to Discovery? Maybe! But for a second here and a second there, we see another Trill throughout the trailer. She’s the one in the pool. She may have some part to play.

Anyhow, then we see a whole bunch of kicking butt by Michael, an assault by a Cardassian, a human, two Andorians, and one from Morn’s race (another DS9 reference), and a lovely speech by Saru. Is he the captain of Discovery now?

The Andorians.
The Andorians. Why are they so grouchy? Courtesy of CBS

Oh wait, there’s Captain Georgiou. BUT WAIT! She’s supposed to be in the past, starring in her own Section 31 show. REMEMBER?

Is this the real Georgiou, or a clone, or a being from yet a different mirror universe, or an android, or … there’s just no way to know. Sigh. Guess we’ll have to watch and figure it out together.

odd terrain
Michael Burnham and Cleveland “Book” Booker make their way across the odd terrain of this alien world. Courtesy of CBS

So to summarize, here are the questions we have been served, which only Discovery: Season 3 can solve:

  • Who are those Andorian-led bad guys? What do they want?
  • Is the Federation dead?
  • Why are there so few stars on the Federation banner (seen as it unfurls)?  
  • Who is that Federation guy? Is he real, or a hologram?
  • What planet did Michael land on?
  • Is Saru the Captain of the Discovery?
  • Is the spore drive dead?
  • Are they going to try to find their way back to the 23rd Century?
  • And … Georgiou!