DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise alum Michael Krawic joins InHouse-Con

Due to a scheduling conflict, Ronnie Rowe Jr. (R.A. Bryce) will not be able to take part in Coolwater Productions’ upcoming InHouse-Con. Instead, fans can get to know Michael Krawic, a veteran of “Deep Space Nine,” “Voyager,” and “Star Trek: Enterprise.”

Krawic will be joined by three “Discovery” actors, David Benjamin Tomlinson (Linus), Hannah Spear (Siranna), and Sara Mitich (Lieutenant Nilsson). The live event will be broadcast over the Zoom network on Saturday, August 8. The broadcast will begin at Noon Pacific Standard time

A veteran actor, Krawic has been a feature on American television since the mid 1980s, and has appeared on such shows as “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” “Sliders,” and “The X-Files,” just to name a few.

On Trek, Krawic portrayed William Patrick Samuels in the DS9 second season episode “The Maquis, Part I;” Rahmin on the Voyager episode “Day of Honor,” and the Vulcan Stron in the “Enterprise” episode “Carbon Creek.”

Krawic has not been a part of the Las Vegas convention scene in the past, and Coolwaters president Derek Maki will certainly ask him about his experiences working on the three different shows in the so-called “golden age” of Star Trek.

Michael Krawic as Stron in the “Enterprise” season episode “Carbon Creek.”
Michael Krawic as Stron in the “Enterprise” season episode “Carbon Creek.” Courtesy of CBS / Paramount

Maki promises a special surprise guest will appear on the show as well. For the Saru and friends event, the special guest was Sam Vartholomeos, best known as Ensign Connor Danby from Discovery, Season 1.

During the show, fans will be able to ask live questions Tomlinson, Spear, Mitich, and Krawic. Afterward, fans can have personal chats and autographs as well. Tickets are available at the Coolwaters site.


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