All-time fan-favorite Aron Eisenberg passed away on Saturday, September 21. Known best for his role as Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Eisenberg brought life and energy to a his role, and made many fans of the Ferengi. 

Eisenberg was no stranger to medical problems, as he was born with just one kidney. He said that loss stunted his growth. Though he was a bit short, at 4′ 11″, he was said to be energetic and a fun-loving person. He received a new kidney with he was 17 and another in 2015.

He appeared in many television shows in the 90s, including “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose,” “The Wonder Years,” and “Tales From the Crypt.” But the role that would mark the high mark in his career, Nog, began in 1993, and lasted until 1999. Nog began the series as a simple bar employee, working for Quark. By the end, Nog became the first Ferengi to join Starfleet. 

The episode, “It’s Only a Paper Moon,” which focused on Nog, is widely recognized as a break-out performance for Eisenberg. In the show, Nog dealt with the aftermath of battle and questioned himself throughout.

Many former DS9 stars have made statements, stating what a wonderful freind and collegue Eisenberg was.

Armin Shimerman, who portrayed Odo on DS9 was among the many who shared their memories:


Nana Visitor, also remembered Eisenburg’s good humor and gentleness:


But it was his fiancee, Malíssa Longo, who shared the most intimate memories about Eisenburg.


The couple has two children, Christopher and Nicholas. 

Fans can contribute to Aron’s final expenses on his memorial Go Fund Me page.