Fans can bid for a visit to “Picard: Season 2” for the All In Challenge

Most of the time, in order get a tour of the set of a Star Trek film or show, you’ve got to be a member of the crew, an actor, or a studio executive. But now, fans can bid for a chance to get a tour of the set of Picard from Sir Patrick Stewart himself to raise funds for the “All In Challenge.”

The All In Challenge is an online fundraiser allowing athletes, actors, musicians, and other celebrities to auction off experiences to raise fundraising tool whereby actors, athletes, singers and more offer up items or experiences in an effort to raise funds for groups like Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry, America’s Food Fund, and the World Central Kitchen. 

Fans can bid on the “star treatment” and get a full taste of the Hollywood experience. The winner will go into hair, makeup, and wardrobe as they prepare for their part in an upcoming episode of Picard. The winning fan (and guest) will also meet Stewart. 

Watch the announcement video below, featuring Stewart and CBS’s Star Trek boss, Alex Kurtzman:

In the video, Stewart says he wants the winner to meet his fellow co-stars and perhaps the director of the episode and possibly a few of the writers.

The first day to enter the contest is today (June 24, 2020) and the final date and time to enter the bidding will be July 22, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

So far, the All In Challenge has raised $58 million, which has come from donations from over 1 million individuals. For complete details and to bid, visit the Fanatics All In Challenge website.