DEAR ALEX: Please make Star Trek: Continuum

Star Trek Continuum
Star Trek Continuum

The Star Trek Universe appears to be in great hands, thanks largely to executive producer Alex Kurtzman. He was involved in all three of the Kelvin Trek films, and now has been pointing the franchise into exciting new directions, with Star Treks: Discovery, Picard, Section 31, Lower Decks, Prodigy and perhaps — Star Trek: Pike.

We have this one idea that really needs his attention.

Star Trek has been around for over 50 years, and many of the Original Series actors are no longer with us (Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelly, James Doohan). But we still have George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig and the great William Shatner. Wouldn’t it be great to get them back on board the Enterprise for a few more missions?

We’ve seen that Star Trek will boldly go back into series animation, after a 40-year hiatus, and flirted with a few animated shorts already (The Girl Who Made the Stars and Ephraim and Dot).

Since we have such good animation for Trek available now, and with ViacomCBS using Trek as the tentpole to much of their new content strategy, now is the time for Star Trek: Continuum — an ongoing animated anthology series, which could feature stories from any era in the Star Trek timeline.

It doesn’t matter how old our favorite actors are, because they’ll be featured as we remember them in animation. The show would feature stories from any era, and would last 2-4 episodes each. This was done with animation to wonderful effect with D.C.’s Justice League Unlimited.

Here are some Star Trek: Continuum plot ideas:

Captain James T. Kirk
Captain James T. Kirk

End of the Five Year Mission
Wouldn’t it be cool to have an episode of Trek from when the original they finally returned home from their five-year mission? There was plans for a homecoming episode for the Animated Series, but that never happened. We could bring back Shatner, Takei, Nichols, and Koenig for this one.

Enterprise real ending
A lot of people felt robbed by the ending that Enterprise got. Why’d they bring in Riker like that? I mean, it was strange. I realize tat Enterprise was on its way out, but many fans felt like Captain Archer and his team deserved their own finale, without bringing in a TNG star.

Deep Space Nine missions
Weren’t there a few missions that we missed? Couldn’t we see a few more? It would be fantastic to revisit some of the dangerous missions that the crew and the Defiant undertook. Certainly, not every single Defiant mission was on DS9. I’d watch Captain Sisko and that tough little ship some more.

Worf, son of Mogh
Worf, son of Mogh

Captain Worf
Many people have talked about this idea, for quite a long time. Shouldn’t Worf get his own ship? I would watch. And Michael Dorn would certainly come back and lend his voice to this project. I loved the TNG episodes that featured Worf dealing with the politics of the Klingon Empire. It would be fantastic to see Worf, the commander of his own Starfleet vessel, battling his way through Borg space or any number of different ideas.

Post TMP Trek
Did you ever wonder what happened after The Motion Picture and before The Wrath of Khan? I have. It would be cool to do a few episodes with the newly refitted Enterprise and her crew — especially while we have Shatner, Takei, Nichols, and Koenig in the recording studio. I bet there are some Phase II scripts that are dying to be fleshed out.

I don’t know about you, but I just loved Quark. And Nog. And all the Ferengi. It would be so much fun to catch up with Quark to see what he’s been up to since his DS9 days. We did get to see that he must be doing well, thanks to that Easter Egg at the start of Picard’s Stardust City Rag episode.

Captain Hikaru Sulu
Captain Hikaru Sulu

Captain Sulu
NOW HEAR THIS — A CAPTAIN SULU SHOW WOULD BE AMAZING. I have wanted to see this since 1991 when Sulu got the Excelsior in The Undiscovered Country. We did see a glimpse of this on Voyager’s Flashback episode. That was just a taste. I could go for a really nice four-episode series featuring the glorious voice of George Takei.

Mr. Scott
What happened to Captain Montgomery Scott (James Doohan) after he left the Enterprise-D on the TNG episode Relics? Picard gave him a shuttle craft and thanked him for saving everyone from that Dyson Sphere, but where did Scotty go? A good question, that, as far as I am aware, was never resolved. Let me know in the comments below if I am wrong.

Since the late, great James Doohan passed in 2005, we could get Simon Pegg to voice our favorite miracle worker (as he played Scotty in the Kelvin films), or we could get Chris Doohan to lend his voice to the project. Chris portrayed Scotty on the fan series Star Trek: Continues and other projects.

Mr. Kurtzman, if you’re too busy to run this amazing idea, perhaps you could bring in your friend Roberto Orci to run Star Trek: Continuum. Just a thought.

What do you think? Do you want to see some old-school Trek stars return to action, this time, via animation?