Who is on the new Picard series?

After all of the rumors, which finally culminated in a cast appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, we got to see “Picard” for the first time. Fans met with the producers and many of the actors who will appear on the newest Star Trek show, which will appear on CBS: All Access‘ new Picard series.

We also got to see the latest teaser trailer, which was AMAZING, and much better than just the picture of Picard and his companion, a dog named “Number One.”

So now that the dust has settled let’s look at who will appear on the new show. By the way, Sonequa Martin-Green did correctly reveal to be named “Picard.” She let the cat out of the bag last February, but who cares. The MCU also has an actor who can’t be trusted with little, spoilery details like this (Mark Ruffalo), so Michael Burnham is ours!


Admiral Jean-Luc Picard — portrayed by the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart

Jean-Luc Picard
Jean-Luc Picard

Stewart, who we last saw as Picard in 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis, will retake the mantle after many years absence. But, much like how the writers of The Wrath of Khan made Kirk’s life go on in between films and series, much time has passed for Picard after the events of Nemesis. According to the story, Picard, then an admiral, was able to help Starfleet, and possibly much of the Federation, out of an existential jam which changed everything for him.

I can’t believe that he is no longer optimistic, as he was in TNG, but perhaps wary of getting into a new adventure. A look at the teaser tells us that he most likely back on his family acreage (as seen on the TNG episode “Family”).

At SDCC, producers said that Picard was like a philosopher-statesman, who saw the good in everything. In his new series, Picard is helping someone without the help of Starfleet.

Seven-of-Nine — Jeri Ryan

Seven of Nine
Seven of Nine

Everyone’s favorite Borg, Seven, was last seen on the final episode of Voyager. It was supposed that she went on to work at a think tank, which advised Starfleet brass on how to combat her … extended family members. Brannon Braga created a comic book series, which took place after the events of Nemesis.

This series, called “Hive,” which had Seven working directly with Picard on how to defeat the Borg, who were infiltrated by an alien race. This race was so powerful that the Borg turned to Starfleet for help. This comic book series could be a part of what happened to Seven after Voyager stopped airing.

Raffi Musiker — Michelle Hurd


We know that Raffi is a past with Picard and that she may have been involved in some missions from his past. Raffi is a genius strategist and is haunted by her own demons.

Hugh — Jonathan Del Arco

In his appearances on TNG, the young Borg humanoid was first befriended by the Enterprise (in “I, Borg,”), and later played a role in a Borg insurrection (“Descent,” Parts I and II). But his final whereabouts are a mystery. There are some appearances by Hugh in Star Trek Online games and a few novels, but, as with Seven, nothing definitive.

Mr. Data — Brent Spiner

Mr. Data
Mr. Data

At the end of Nemesis, everyone’s favorite android, Mr. Data, was destroyed. But… much like the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, producers, left a way for us to bring Data back, as they brought Spock back.

This was much easier for writers to bring back an android, especially since there was a duplicate body (B4) created by Data’s “father,” Dr. Noonian Soong.

The hint was that Data’s memories were downloaded into B4, and perhaps that was how we got Data back. We’ll likely find out more soon.

Dr. Agnes Jurati — Alison Pill

The Doctor

The Canadian actress, Alison Pill, is best known for her role in “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.” In Picard, Pill plays Dr. Agnes Jurati, a researcher, who is part of the admiral’s new, non-Starfleet crew.

Riker and Troi

Sparks flew for seven years and four movies (starting back in “Encounter at Farpoint”) between Jonathan Frake’s William Riker and Marina Sirtis’s Deanna Troi. They finally married in Nemesis, and Riker took over the captain’s chair of the U.S.S. Titan. We assume that Counselor Troi joined her husband on his new ship, but who knows? We can only speculate at this point.

Elnor — Evan Evagora


Aussie actor Evan Evagora is cast as a young Romulan warrior named Elnor, who is supposed to be 17-earth-years old. Elnor is said to be skilled in hand to hand combat and with weapons.

My initial reaction to seeing Elnor was that they finally crossed over and admitted that the Vulcans and Romulans are indeed related to the elves from “Lord of the Rings.”

Elnor reminds me of Legolas, and his name sounds like “Elrond,” the Lord of Rivendell.

Dahj — Isa Briones


Isa Briones (known for “American Crime Story”) brings her energy to the role of Dahj, who approaches Picard for help. Dahj, according to Briones is a young woman entering the next chapter of her life.

Everything changes for Dahj when she suffers through a significant life event that changes her whole world. After that incident, she goes seeking help from Picard.

Narek — Harry Treadway

English actor Harry Treadway, best known for his role as Victor Frankenstein on “A Penny Dreadful,” plays a Romulan known as Narek, who is involved in some secret operation.

Cristobal “Chris” Rios — Santiago Cabrera

Chris Rios
Chris Rios

Chilean actor Santiago Cabrera is Chris Rios in Picard. He’s a former Starfleet officer who has his own set demons.

He has a connection with Raffi, and because of those memories, he does not want to help Picard on his new quest at the start.

Not much else is known about these new characters, but if they live up to half of the hype surrounding this new series, then Trek fans will not need guides — like this one!

Photos courtesy of CBS