Delving into the rights that govern the Star Trek Universe

Many celebrated the announcement that CBS and Viacom were once again merging together to form one massive entertainment company. It makes sense, in the new landscape of Disney gobbling up franchises (like Marvel and Star Wars) and everyone creating their own streaming network (Disney, NBC, Apple, etc.).

Fans were also excited because this allowed the CBS half of Trek (Discovery) to unite with the Paramount half (Kelvin films), which could not acknowledge the others’ existence. This YouTube video, sheds light on the battles behind the scenes for the franchise’s intellectual properties. 

TREK REPORT does not agree with many of the opinions put forth in this film. It is presented here to give context to the possible new Trek universe, which may emerge from the CBS/Viacom unification.


Thanks to the reunification of CBS and Viacom, all Trek stories will be made under one roof. This will obviously change things.