According to sources listed on the site Geeks World Wide, the powers at CBS have renewed Star Trek: Discovery for a fourth season, even before the third season hits streaming screens across the globe. 

This may come as a surprise to many, as Discovery is on shaky ground with many Trek fans. The show, started in 2017, is the “tentpole” for the CBS All Access network, as ViacomCBS sees Trek as their main tool against competitors Disney (who has Marvel and Star Wars) and WarnerMedia (DC).

In Discovery’s defense, Season 1 was reviewed with a 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and Season 2 received an 83% as well. Though there are many haters out there, the consensus is that Discovery is top-notch TV with great acting and special effects.

Can Trek beat Star Wars, Marvel, and Superman? CBS is hoping so. If they continue to create new and varying Trek shows, then they may stay relevant in the streaming wars to come.


We inadvertently credited the wrong site for this news, and corrected this error. Thank you to Geeks World Wide writer Emre Kaya for the heads-up.