Short Treks soon available on Blu-Ray, DVD

For all of us who still like to own a physical copy of our favorite shows, CBS announced that the Short Treks collection would soon be available for purchase, starting on June 2.

Short Treks are fun in-between episodes that feature a little bit more about the characters featured on Discovery, and from moments from Star Trek’s past (Ephraim & Dot).

The features that will be included on the Blu-ray & DVD are:

The collection will also include bonus content, which has never before been seen. That includes behind the scenes footage and interviews with Rainn Wilson, Michael Chabon, Alex Kurtzman and others.


We, at Trek Report, think that Trek mastermind, Alex Kurtzman should use the Short Trek format to create an anthology series of shows, which could feature the voices of Star Trek stars from the past (including William Shatner, among others). More on that here.