Star Trek: Picard among the most popular streaming shows

According to Parrot Analytics, a research firm that helps the “television industry understand global demand for content,” Star Trek: Picard is one of the most popular shows available for streaming. Picard ranks in the Top 9 most “in demand” shows available in the United States.

Since the streaming networks don’t usually release the number of folks who watch any given program, Parrot created a new metric, called “demand expressions.” This is their TV measurement unit, and many factors weigh in on this number, including social media cues and downloads.

Parrot says that they are able to understand and deliver meaningful numbers for the “global television demand,” which, they say, ”captures what content people want in a particular country, and around the world.”

This is different than the old Nielsen ratings, which famously cost The Original Series its spot on television, and later, proved that The Next Generation was the Trek series with the record to beat.

Anyhow, Parrot says that Picard is the seventh most popular streaming program in the U.S. for this past week. Its ranking fluctuates, but for the time being, Parrott gave Star Trek: Picard “47,424,424 average demand expressions.” The show trails a few others, including Star Wars’ The Mandalorian.

This is good news for CBS, who wants to combine CBS All Access and Showtime into a dominant streaming duo, which they predict will have 25 million subscribers by the end of 2020. ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish recently stated that Star Trek would be a big part of that streaming plan.


For those who are interested, Parrott completed a study of Star Trek: Discovery, where they say the demand is still increasing for the show.