Star Trek will be even bigger soon, says ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish

Thanks to a few tweets released by the boss of ViacomCBS, we’ve learned that we ain’t seen nothing yet! According to news released by CBS parent company, ViacomCBS, we’ll soon see two new Trek live action shows, plus the animated series, and one on Nickelodeon.

ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish laid out a nice spread of Trek offerings that we will see over the next few months and years. Read for yourself:

Pretty awesome, right?

We know what some of these shows will be already. One of the two new live-action shows will be Star Trek: Section 31, which will star Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou. This show is a direct spin-off from Star Trek: Discovery and will follow Georgiou on her exploits in Trek “Prime” timeline, as this character is a refugee from the Mirror Universe.

It’s sort of funny to consider that they are bringing a violent, bad-guy character into Section 31 to do things that regular Starfleet personnel are trained to do. Isn’t that the plot of Star Trek Into Darkness? Fascinating…

What we don’t know is what the final Trek show will be. Could this show be the one which Trek fans have often talked about… Star Trek: Pike, starring fan favorite Anson Mount? we can only hope. Mount starred as Captain Pike in Discovery’s second season, as well as a “Short Trek.” The only problem is that the Pike character has a short shelf-life, and will end up as an invalid in a wheelchair very soon.

Here the character gets a glimpse of that future:

The other two projects are know to us as well — Star Trek: Lower Decks and Nickelodeon’s Star Trek: Prodigy.

The new Trek films have been talked about for some time, especially after the cancellation of Star Trek 4 (as Paramount was unable to come to terms with stars Chris Pine (James Kirk) and Chris Hemsworth, who starred as George Kirk for a minute or so at the start of Star Trek (2009). We reported that Noah Hawley may be developing one of these films, and that Quentin Tarrentino was attached to a second. But we know little beyond that.

Much of this new plunge into all things Trek is thanks to the successes of Discovery and Picard, which have brought much-needed eyeballs and subscriptions to CBS All Access. In fact, Picard broke records for the streaming network when it debuted in January 2020.

Speaking of CBS All Access, ViacomCBS is planning to roll a bunch of content from their Viacom brands into the streaming service, like SpongeBob, shows from BET, Comedy Central, live sports and more. Instead of Trek shows being pretty much the only reason people would have to subscribe to CBS All Access, this new content will help give viewers more reasons to stick around.