If you’ve read any novels that involve the Star Trek Universe recently, you may have read the words of Dr. Una McCormack. To say she’s a Trek expert would be an understatement, as she’s expanded upon stories from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Discovery, and even Star Trek: Picard.

Her newest Trek-related work is arguably her most exciting — “The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway.” Thanks to Netflix and other streaming services, the fan adoration of the U.S.S. Voyager and her captain may be at an all time high. And with the announcement that Janeway (voiced by Kate Mulgrew) will be the main star of the upcoming Star Trek: Prodigy show, interest is at an all-time high.

Making now the perfect time to release a book on this beloved captain.

Through her involvement with the upcoming “To Boldly Stay At Home” event, which begins this Friday, we were able to ask Dr. McCormack a few questions about her novels, and how she interacts with fans at conventions and other events.

TREK REPORT: How hard was it to write in the voice of Janeway for the autobiography? What did it take to get inside her head?

DR. UNA MCCORMACK: Kate Mulgrew puts in such a strong and authoritative performance as Janeway that I found the character a pleasure to write. She’s focused, determined, experienced — but with a great sense of humor, and a proper explorer’s curiosity for the unknown. And above all — she’s the captain. These were the things I tried to draw on when I was writing her. 

TREK REPORT: You’ve done a ton of Star Trek through the years… which is your favorite era / show to work in?

DR. UNA MCCORMACK: Probably no surprises if I say Deep Space Nine, with a particular emphasis on the Cardassians, with an extra emphasis on Garak! Like Ziyal says, “There’s something about Garak I find fascinating.” And the whole story of Cardassia’s decline and collapse is incredibly moving and tragic.

Dr. Una McCormack will be the guest of honor at this weekends’ “To Boldly Stay At Home” event.
Dr. Una McCormack will be the guest of honor at this weekends’ “To Boldly Stay At Home” event.

TREK REPORT: You’re going to be involved in this weekend’s “To Boldly Stay At Home” event. What is it like for you to interact with fans?

DR. UNA MCCORMACK: At heart, I’m still that seventeen-year-old who waited impatiently for each new video release of TNG, or that twenty-eight-year-old who couldn’t bear to see the fall of Cardassia and sat down and started writing her own stories, so I love being with fans and talking to fans, because they’re my people.

It’s always a big surprise to me that anyone wants to read anything I’ve written, and for people to want to talk to me about it is a joy. 

NOTE: Fans can ask their own questions of Dr. McCormack during Sunday’s Zoom event.

Dr. McCormack is more than just a one-franchise pony. Fans of that very English science fiction franchise, Dr. Who, should check out her novels on a few different incarnations of the doctor, as well as other original stories as well.

Please check the official To Boldly Stay At Home site for complete details on the free event.