Star Trek 4 appears to be back on, with Noah Hawley at the helm

Love it or hate the Kelvin series, Star Trek 4 appears to be back on. Many speculate that Trek on the silver screen was unnecessary with rival Star Wars back… we beg to differ. Even as the three installments in the Kelvin-verse were phaser-happy romps, they are still Trek and superior to what J. J. Abrams has done in the galaxy far, far away. 

Anyhow, the big news is that — according to Deadline, that the guy behind FX’s Legion and Fargo will be given the keys to the franchise. J. J.’s Bad Robot will still be involved, even as writer/director Noah Hawley sits in the captain’s chair. 

The real question remains if Hawley will bring back the Kelvin cast to the Enterprise. The last time we heard about Star Trek 4, it was with Chris Pine (James Kirk) and Chris Hemsworth (George Kirk) coming together somehow. If you recall in Star Trek (2009), Hemsworth died right at the beginning of the film, which created an alternate timeline for J. J. and company to create new adventures for the “original series” cast. Into Darkness and Beyond followed as successful sequels. 

That ended, reportedly, due to salary reasons. After he appeared in Trek, Hemsworth went on to star as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can’t blame Hemsworth for wanting a Thor-sized paycheck from Paramount too. 

No word yet if Hawley plans to bring back the entire Kelvin cast, have the film set in the Kelvin timeline, or any additional details. It would be nice if Mr. Hawley would use this established Kelvin cast and create a new trilogy — with a story or theme that ties all films together, rather than three on-off stories (like the first three Kelvin films).

It sounds like Hawley is planning to use a new cast for his upcoming Trek film, according to the Hollywood Reporter.