You’re invited to Zoom with Captain Janeway

While it seems that much of the world is sheltering in place, some are taking this opportunity to congregate in a different way. As fans of Star Trek — especially Captain Janeway — we are especially lucky, as there are many examples of this on display.

For starters you can enjoy a new sonnet each day, recited by Sir Patrick Stewart. If you have young ones around, try a children’s book, read by LeVar Burton each weekday at noon EST. Heck, even Captain Kirk himself is tweeting from his home in Los Angeles, giving us a Captain’s Log of updates through this difficult time.

But now, there’s an opportunity to catch up with one of the biggest Star Trek stars in a much more intimate fashion. Voyager’s own Kate Mulgrew has announced that she will be hosting a virtual happy hour with six fans each Thursday until this Coronavirus danger is over.

Six winners per day will be able to have a Zoom video meeting with Ms. Mulgrew. Here’s what she said:

Wow! This is an amazing opportunity to interact with one of the top stars from Trek. If you do happen to get a seat at the Zoom table to meet with Ms. Mulgrew, please send us an e-mail! We’d love to ask you about your experience!

My only question — why a cocktail and not a cappuccino?

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