DIS: S3 – E4: Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not
Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not was a ground-breaking and historic episode, as we finally got to meet the character “Gray.” This new personality represents the first transgender person ever on Star Trek and was portrayed by Ian Alexander.

STARDATE: Somewhere in the 32nd Century…

The episode begins with Doctor Culber’s narration of the recent events (those that took place during “People of Earth”) and what the crew was dealing with as they floated around space. He scanned a few crew, including Detmer, who he said that he’d like to chat with her. 

Saru met with the doctor, Adira, Burnham, and Dr. Pollard. Adira said she wanted to go to Trill to solve the mystery of what memories were contained in her symbiont. This would also, potentially, unlock the memories of Admiral Senna Tal and the current location of Starfleet. They also made a point to say that a human had never hosted a Trill symbiont before.

NOTE: They’ve skipped a lot of history, haven’t they? How do we know that no human has ever hosted a Trill in 900 years?

The Discovery arrived at Trill and were greeted warmly. The crew learned that the Trill were nearly wiped out during The Burn and that very few of them left.

Greetings… wait! You're not a Trill? Courtesy of CBS
Greetings… wait! You’re not a Trill? Courtesy of CBS

Adira and Michael beamed to the surface, and things changed. The Trill realized that Adira was human, and not Trill grew angry. They asked her to “speak her names,” and she could only say “Adira.” 

That was enough for them to get incensed. They said that she was an “abomination” and ordered her to leave the planet. One of the Trill (played by Andreas Apergis) named Guardian Xi took pity on Adira. Turns out, the DISCO computers are right — no human had hosted a Trill. I stand corrected.

On the ship, Culber told Saru that the crew was stressed out and needed some healing. 

Anyhoo, the Trill escorted Adira and Michael back to the shuttle, and a bunch of assassins jumped out to kill Adira. Michael snapped to action and neutralized them — Kirk style. Guardian Xi showed up and led Adira to the Caves of Mak’ ala. This was the Trill’s ancestral home, which ought to allow Adira to communicate with the hosts before her. 

Xi shows Michael and Adira to the Caves of Mak’ ala. Courtesy of CBS
Xi shows Michael and Adira to the Caves of Mak’ ala. Courtesy of CBS

NOTE: This place was first seen in the DS9 episode “Equilibrium.” Jadzia made the journey back to Trill and entered the pools in the cave. 

Back on DISCO, Saru spoke to the ship’s computer, wondering how he could get them all to relax. Stealthily, the Sphere Data took over and made some suggestions. 

NOTE: The Sphere Data interacting with a humanoid is exactly what happened on the Short Treks episode “Calypso.”

Later, Saru gathered his bridge team around the ready room table for a big Thanksgiving-style dinner. They all seemed to have fun until Detmer started making rhymes about Stamets’ blood (a reference to the situation during “Far From Home”).

Detmer has had enough of Paul’s arrogance! Courtesy of CBS
Detmer has had enough of Paul’s arrogance! Courtesy of CBS

Yikes! Everyone sort of freaked out and Detmer argued with Stamets about his arrogance, which she was very right to do. The dinner broke down, and everyone left. Georgiou laughed and enjoyed the chaos.

“Well, at least the wine was good,” said Georgiou.

Adira entered the pool. As she did, her eyes turned white (a cool effect), but the Trill came in to stop everything. Trill Leader Pav (Karen Robinson) scolded Guardian Xi since he disobeyed direct orders and “betrayed” his oath. 

Meanwhile, the device that monitored Adira’s mental and physical situation in the pool started to malfunction. Adira started to shake and then got sucked under the waters. Pav allowed Michael to go into the waters to retrieve Adira.

Michael slowly drifted for a while and finally found Adira. Even though they were underwater, both could breathe. This must represent mind-to-mind communication. Strings fell from everywhere, and Adira ran to avoid them. Michael made Adira calm down and accept the strings, which blasted Adira into the past.

Adira met Gray (Ian Alexander), who was on an operating table in a medical bay. She then saw a cello (classical music instrument), and she started talking with Gray, who was her Trill boyfriend. He gave her a present, which turned out to be a quilt. Adira then jumped back to the operating table, and an explosion had happened. 

Adira and Gray share a moment. Courtesy of CBS
Adira and Gray share a moment. Courtesy of CBS

Gray was severely injured and on the verge of death. Adira called out that she would accept the symbiote. Then the room was filled with all the hosts from Adira’s past.

NOTE: This was an incredible scene. Wow. So moving to see all these souls. Just watch it, and you’ll agree.

Adira met Admiral Senna Tal. Soon after, Adira and Michal were pulled back to the surface. Adira and Michael got out of the water, and the Trill wrapped them in these amazing towels. Xi asked Adira to speak her names, and she said: 

“I am Kasha Tal, Jovar Tal, Madela Tal, Cara Tal, Senna Tal, Gray Tal, and I am Adira Tal.”

The Trill apologized and bowed to Adira. Pav told Xi that what he did will impact generations of Trill since now the symbiotes could be paired with plain ol’ humans. 

Back on the ship, Saru pouted after the blow-up at dinner. Tilly told him she liked that he tried something new, even though it didn’t work. She eventually wound up giving him a pep talk and said that he was a good leader. Stamets apologized to Tilly after shooting down her ideas to use dark matter as an interface with the spore drive. 

NOTE: What? Usually, I’d side with Tilly, but this time Stamets is right. That’s a crazy idea that the writers came up with. How can you use something (Dark Matter) that cannot be detected and is little understood for anything? Alas, it might work with a make-believe technology like the spore drive. 

In sickbay, Detmer walked in and told Culber that she’d like to talk. In the hangar bay, Saru showed the crew an old Buster Keaton film. Everyone had a good laugh. 

Later, Adira gave Michael a map and location on how to get to Starfleet Headquarters. Adira then practiced the cello, and Gray appeared and gave her pointers. 

NOTE: I wonder if this will continue, and will Gray be Adira’s imaginary friend in upcoming episodes? I hope not. We did that once already with Tilly.


I realize that this was a ground-breaking show, and there were some really unique parts, but overall, I was bored. I don’t like mental dramas. For example, I hated A Beautiful Mind when everyone else in the world fell over themselves to praise the film. 

I don’t enjoy it when a visual medium tries to recreate what it must be like in someone’s head. Sorry. That’s just me.

My reaction 30 years ago to The Next Generation episode “Family” was essentially the same. “Family” followed the blockbuster “Best of Both Worlds, Part II,” which was the story of how Riker and the Enterprise crew figured out how to save Picard from the Borg. We then saw “Family,” which was slow and plodding. The critics loved it, but I was bored out of my mind. I just didn’t care to see Picard wrestle with his grouchy brother in the mud of France. Boring! Get the man back on the Enterprise

This is a very similar situation — they followed up the incredible “People of Earth” with a clunker. I realize that most people loved “Forget Me Not,” but it will be one that I will skip when it comes to a re-watch in the future.

RATING: 2 out of 5


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