Anson Mount would “love to continue as Captain Pike”

This is a good thing — the producers of Star Trek know that the fans want a new show featuring Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike. Even though we’re still not 100% sure if it will happen, the captain himself says he’d like to continue in the role. recently published an interview with the actor, who stated more than once that it is a dream come true to be able to play Pike, as an actor an as a Trekkie.

“But I mean you’re talking to a Trekkie who, I mean, just to sit in the captain’s chair is one of the rarest honors of being a modern actor,” said Mount in the interview.

“Not a lot of people have been asked to do it. I’m certainly grateful that I was entrusted with that responsibility. And yes, of course I’d love to continue to occupy that chair. I’m not going to grouse around and be aloof about it. I’d love to.”

This isn’t something he’s expressed just this one time. Mount gave his thoughts with the SyFyWire back in December, and he shared the same sentiment back then as well.

”I think my time on Star Trek was a dream come true,” said Mount in the SyFyWire story. “Being cast in Star Trek is not like being cast in anything else, it’s like admittance to a club you never dreamed you’d belong to. Particularly as a captain. I mean, Star Trek was me and my friends’ make-believe game when I was a kid. And now here I am actually doing it. It’s just crazy.”

Mount portrayed Captain Pike in Discovery’s second season, and in the Short Treks episode, Ask Not.

Anson Mount as Pike, with Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham. Courtesy of CBS
Anson Mount as Pike, with Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham. Courtesy of CBS

Our friends at Geeks World Wide are saying that a Pike show is rumored to be in development, and may be titled “Star Trek: Strange New World.” GWW says the first season of scripts has been written, with no official release date.

According to Star Trek executive Alex Kurtzman, the producers of Trek know the fans want a Pike show, but that might not be enough.

”The fans have been heard, said Kurtzman to The Hollywood Reporter in April 2019. “Anything is possible in the world of Trek. I would love to bring back that crew more than anything. It was a huge risk for us.

”One of the most gratifying things is to see how deeply the fans have embraced Pike, Spock, Number One and the Enterprise,” said Kurtzman. ”The idea of getting to tell more stories with them would be a delight for all of us.”


Check out Mount’s interview on where he talks about his “first contact” with the franchise.

UPDATE: CBS All Access announced that Mount would be getting his own show, entitled Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.