Stream The Next Generation for free on Pluto TV

If you have Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray or if you’re a current CBS All Access subscriber, feel free to ignore this news. For the rest of us who don’t have either of those options (or who don’t feel like paying for Amazon Prime or similar services), this is great news. The redo that restarted it all will be available on Pluto TV — to stream for free.

As many have pointed out, the CBS-owned streaming service makes their money by placing ads in the commercial breaks. So as you watch the adventures of Jean-Luc Picard and his valiant crew, it might be more like watching the show when it first aired in syndication back in 1987. You’ll have to sit through ads — at least you won’t have to sit for an entire year to go by to see what happened during the incredible cliffhanger, “The Best of Both Worlds.”

This is OK, if you have good internet access and want to catch up on The Next Generation.

Other shows that will be included in this CBS to Pluto TV push include:

  • The Amazing Race
  • America’s Next Top Model
  • Beverly Hills 90210
  • CSI: NY
  • Everybody Hates Chris
  • Jag
  • MacGyver
  • Melrose Place
  • Moesha
  • Numbers
  • Scorpion
  • Sister Sister

This all comes on the recent news that folks in the United States can also stream many of the Star Trek films, free of charge, on the IMDb TV network as well. The new titles will be made available next week.

If you haven’t already, it is highly recommended that you watch The Next Generation before watching Star Trek: Picard. It will make the experience of the new show much more enjoyable. Oh, and definitely take some time to watch “The Measure of a Man.”