Voyager stars begin new podcast — The Delta Flyers

Thanks to recent events on Earth in Sector 001, many of the planet’s inhabitants are trapped in their homes. So, this is the perfect time to binge your favorite shows. There are a few that come to mind…

While it has been said that ”man shall not live by bread alone,” the same goes for television shows and films. Sometimes your eyeballs need a break. Thankfully, there’s a new podcast available designed to delight your ears and fascinate your Star Trek: Voyager loving heart!

Voyager stars Garrett R. Wang and Robert D. McNeill have started their own podcast called “The Delta Flyers,” which they say, will be all about their time in Trek and their own show.

Wang said that it will be ”an audio podcast reviewing each Voyager episode.” Through Patreon, Wang and McNeill will offer full video as well as bonus content.

The duo said that the show will be available starting at the first of May:

While they have not yet confirmed this, The Delta Flyers podcast would be the perfect spot for Voyager alumni to appear and give their take on an episode or two.

We will update this story when the podcast is released, and note which services (iTunes, Spoitfy, etc.) will carry the new show.

UPDATE: Check out The Delta Flyers’ website (which was linked from their Instagram feed). This page has more links and details as to how to listen to their new show.