While much has been written about the Paramount effort to bring Star Trek back to the big screen (with Noah Hawley at the helm). Hawley is even moving forward in figuring out the music that will help him tell his story, with Trek veteran Jeff Russo.

Now, according to Geeks World Wide and their confidential sources, CBS is moving forward with a Trek movie of their own, which will feature the cast of Star Trek: Discovery.

In an article published yesterday, GWW writer Emre Kaya revealed that a CBS-helmed Discovery film would also include many familiar names from CBS All Access’ streaming shows, including John Weber, Frank Siracusa, Thom Pretak, Aaron Harberts, Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman acting as the executive producer.

Kaya also writes that the production of this film will begin as soon as the Coronavirus lock downs are over. He notes that the filming will take place at Pinewood Studios in Canada.

This is an amazing scoop from GWW. Here are some interesting questions that come from this revalation:

  • If it all pans out as they say it will, how would this affect the upcoming seasons of Discovery?
  • Will this film mean the end of the Discovery series?
  • Is CBS coordinating the production of their Trek film with Paramount, now that they are together under the Viacom roof?
  • Will Captain Pike appear, or will Anson Mount be doing his own thing on a Pike series?
  • Will this film take place in the Prime, Kelvin, or Mirror timeline?
  • Will this film be an online release only, or will it go into movie theaters?

Hopefully many of these questions will be answered in the weeks to come.

That being said, there has been no formal announcement of this project from CBS, Paramount or any of the producers listed.

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